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Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurs Organizations(EOEO)

                                                                                TURN-RIGHT MINISTRIES INC                EIN-94-348101

P.O. Box 14786
(440) 370-0200,,
   Hi, Entrepreneurs,

Throughout my 23 years of Entrepreneurship, I've created a new concept, for able body individuals, that I've either employed or have been employed with into becoming an assertive self motivated, goal-oriented, organized and efficient individual capable of preforming any job they may have or have been given to formulate and complete. My Turn-Right Ministries Inc. understanding, already put in us, for a greater foundation of God's Glory, has been proven by Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, who has gave us all our works in glory, before the beginning of time. And based upon my instructional workings, working with a wide range of personalities, we together join by faith, will be able to handle stressful situations given to those that are less fortunate,and being able to handle responsibilities given, with effective communicative skills developed, both in written and verbal, including any work situation that is geared for helping others.
  If you must seek the good in the best of all others, such as I. Then it must be to activate the overall efficient and courteous goals of the whole Body of Christ, then I am asking you to partner with Our Ministry in our quest to create conceptual-ism in us all, that creates the best of any situation and this is how you can start. The Universal Life Church of Jehovah Christ Jesus,(The Church of The Holy Ghost Spirit), section under, TURN-RIGHT MINISTRIES INC. therefore creating an Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurship Organization (EOEO).                                   Our qualifications and skills shall help that advancements and goals of any company or ministry joined with us, using ideas given to us from the inspired minds and thoughts of their founders and or investors. Because working with TURN-RIGHT MINISTRIES INC., meaning our understandings shall help this Conceptual Company or individual to Create a Straight Way of Being Received in Others for the Glory of God. Shouldn't we all be provide quality way of live that cares about the related services pertaining to the Kingdom of God is now at hand, to all who choose this path of Eternal Life, for free? And Be allowed the Grace of God for mercy, if  life charges those who chose to lack or be the tail of their own self-proclaimed misguided fault of believing Grace is in play, when they refuse to rightly divide the Word of Truth, which was before them.

We thank you, for Your Blessings and donations, and to help us to advocate God's policy of Grace and Mercy, to those He appreciate and except for marrying, His stature of obedience, given for all those things He Loves in the name of Jehovah Christ Jesus, our Holy Ghost Comforter Spirit   Amen.
Yours Truly, 

 PROPHET Rev. DOCTOR BISHOP PHD; Overseer   Management (CEO)

First the Vision, Then came a Mission and now YOU!

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