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Our Mission is clear for Turn Right Ministries inc.; it is to provide a place for homeless and ex-offenders to transition back to society, temporary to permanent, shelter to home reeducation training programs and training to job ownership interventions that builds entrepreneurship collaborations by co supporting
individualized neighborhood’s beautification that will in return raise the interest and value for economic support to that community and its city.

Our Vision is uncompromisable for Turn Right Ministries inc.; it is to create a corporation, which will solve the problems to produce homes and jobs for the no to low-wealth individuals to live a stable life against recessed times.
    Its sole purpose is
to give relief to the homeless and ex-offenders to show the world there are still those who are forgotten, that needs help from the circumstances life has delivered unto them. And wouldn’t be nice to know that there were places where there are programs that can help give back to life better avenues to receiving a second chance?   

Our Goal is possible for Turn Right Ministries inc.; it is to make it a place where there Good orderly directions are from God, a place where qualified individuals and their families can come and be reeducated on how to become more productive not only for themselves but also to their community. A place where
individuals involve all they are to a better way of life by becoming a blessing to the society and others in need. A place where learning to become self sufficient is joining in to be part of an Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurs Organization (EOEO) that offers safe haven that is hope for the future that believes in second chances.  

Our Summary is humble for Turn Right Ministries inc.; it is to maintain being a 501©(3), tax exempt organization that will be developed as a major part of everyday living for the love to all of mankind, individuals who believes one day to see Gods Glory in their place for His Kingdom. Individuals faithful enough to believe, we all are one with Him, those whom are called to turn right the difficulties of society’s from the less fortune for His Glory by becoming more than conquers. And this is because we have been called to the World as God’s Reverence Deliverers Of Christ Taking On Righteousness, Believing It Shall Help Obedient People Powers Handed Down, and Rev Doctor Bishop Ph.D are those whom were sent in these End Days to be prophets, that will set straight the way of God's Church(individuals) to be received by Christ Jesus on His second coming, And I, Pastor, Overseer, CEO and the author of “Hallowed Be His Named"., sends this to you all as my love for His Kingdom.

Rev Doctor Bishop, PH.D (Prophet)

                                                   To the Entrepreneur,             
                                                     our time has come!

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Welcome to my website. Please enjoy your stay with us, please fill free to call me any time if you need any homes, help or work done to your home or any help you need  that comes to mine! THANK YOU FOR VISITING US!            GOD BLESSES THOUGHS WHO BLESSES US!